Tourism Holland

Mention tourism and Holland to most people and it's almost certain that the first things they'll think of is Amsterdam, or windmills, tulips, clogs or cheese. Well, I hope that with this little piece on tourism in Holland, written as an unbiased foreigner who has lived in the Netherlands for ten years, I can persuade ...
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Must See Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

If Amsterdam isn’t the most individual place in Europe, it's certainly not far from it. This vibrant city plays host to millions of visitors each year, from within Holland and from further afield who come to Amsterdam looking to soak up some of the cultural and historic ambience. The wonder and grandeur of this beautiful ...
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Tourist Attractions in Holland

Tourist attractions in Holland create a surprisingly large source of income for this small European country earning the Dutch tourism industry millions in annual revenue. The majority of the eleven million foreign tourists who visit the Netherlands every year come from Holland’s eastern neighbour, Germany. Then there are visitors from the United Kingdom, Belgium, France ...
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Why Visiting Zeeland is a Must

Looking for somewhere for a vacation or break away from the hubbub of the rat race, but at the same time not too far from anywhere? Then you’ve found it because the province of Zeeland in the south west of Holland is the place for you. With its wild windswept western coastline flanking the English ...
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Tourism in Holland for the Dutch

Traditionally Holland is a farming nation which in the past has endured severe hardship. So when it comes to spending money the Dutch generally like to get and expect value, making their hard earned loot stretch as far as it can go. This is very evident when visiting the Netherlands as generally prices for things ...
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Vogel Camping and Recreation Centre Zeeland

The Vogel camping and recreation centre could easily be said to be idyllically situated on the banks of the river Vogel on the outskirts of Hengstdijk in Zeeland, Holland. Designed primarily with the family in mind, this attractive 4 star site offers a wealth of attractions and events. Aimed prominently at the kids, this ensures ...
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