5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Coach Holiday to Holland

Holland! The land of the Tulips, the land of windmills and so many other things! There’s so much to see in Holland, so it’s actually a wonderful place for a coach holiday! You will have the chance to meet the culture, and the history, and different colors of nature, at all times, and a nice pleasant place for resting too. Reasons why you might prefer your next coach holiday to be in Holland would be:

Amsterdam: Amsterdam is a place you must visit when you go to Holland; well it’s actually one of the reasons, why you should go to Holland. It’s full of adventures, a city of life, and a city of freedom! It’s the capital city of the Netherlands and is packed up with all night life, shopping, fun, entertainment & excitement. It has the right type of thing for everyone, no matter what your age or choice maybe. Amsterdam is named as the North Venice because of its 160 water channels and 1281 bridges that make it compatible with the Italian city. You can enjoy the uniqueness of the floating markets, whether it is flowers or any other and the innumerable museums. Amsterdam is known as the only city in the world with the greatest amount of museums per square meter. There are 21 street markets, 28 parks and over 50 theatres and concert halls. This is truly a wonderful place to feel Europe every bit by bit.

Rotterdam: Rotterdam is the second largest city in Holland, and is the home town of Holland’s finest art museums; the Boymans van Beuningen Museum. There are many factories for aircrafts, food stuff, ships , petrochemicals etc. St Lawrence Cathedral and the City Hall are the buildings that survived after 1940, when the city was badly bombed by the German aircraft. It is considered as the world’s second port after Shanghai.

Land of Flowers: You can find fields after fields of flower gardens especially in Keukenhof. These fields become a carpet of pink, red, purple and yellow Tulips in the month of March & May. And this is the reason, why it is considered as the best time to visit Holland. The largest garden in the world can be found in Holland. Other than March & May, the other times of the year, along with other flowers, these fields are full of hyacinth blossoms and daffodils. There are many flower festivals for you to join, and the biggest auction for flowers can also be found in Holland.

Shopping: There are many shopping centers all throughout the country. People usually buy their souvenirs like Gouda and Edam cheese, Delft pottery or real wooden clogs. There are many fashion boutiques in The Hague too if you like clothes.

Huge De Veluwe National Park: Very popular place for the tourists, covering almost 13, 500 acres of land with gorgeous woodlands and heath land.

Holland is a wonderful place for a coach holiday, and if you have already chosen it, you won’t be sorry!

The word for coach holiday to Holland in Danish is Busrejser Holland oversigt. If you want to visit that amazing country visit this Danish website where you will be able to book a coach holiday. You can use Google Translator if you are not familiar with the language. If you need some helpful tips for traveling in Holland, read this article.

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