Advantages of going on a coach holiday to Holland

One of the countries in Europe with the most attractions is Holland. It is one of the most visited places for tourists because of the culture and history, and the endless things to see. Holland is also a place where you can have both a really good rest and a really wild party.

The government of Holland is located in Hague, but the official capital city is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city full of life, freedom and tolerance. It is called the city of adventures and pleasures. As most people know prostitution and the use of some light drugs, such as marijuana are legal in Holland. That is why people that want to have an adventure and want to experience something new and exciting go to Amsterdam.

The city, apart from the night life, also has a beautiful architecture. It is no wonder that people call it the North Venice – it has around 160 channels with 1281 bridges above them. Amsterdam has astonishing Renaissance architecture and a lot of remarkable floating structures like the Floating Flower Market for instance. The city also has the most museums in the world. Except the wonderful art museums, you can also visit museums of all sorts of interesting things – The floating house of wax figures, museums of pipes, beer, glasses etc. The theatrical life is also very well developed in Amsterdam. There are around 50 concert halls and theatres. For people that prefer nature there are 28 parks and the Artis Zoo complex which holds  a zoo ,a  botanical garden, an aquarium , a planetarium and a geological and zoo museums. For the shopping maniacs there are 21 street markets where you can find anything. One of the remarkable floating structures is a floating market. It opened in 1862 and all its stalls are on boats.

The second largest city in the country is Rotterdam. It is another place you should definitely visit during your holyday in Holland. After being heavily bombed by the Germans in the second World War, only a few buildings survived like the City Hall and St. Lawrence Cathedral. That is why in contrast with Amsterdam, Rotterdam’s architecture is new and modern. The port in Rotterdam is the second biggest in the world and it is a very well developed industrial city. It has electronics, ship and aircraft factories, and many smaller ones.

For people that are fans of historical landmarks, it would be very interesting to visit the city of Breda. There are many historical buildings that are kept in perfect condition, like the castle of Breda with the Royal Military Academy, the Bovine Castle, Chasses Theatre, the City Hall and many others. There are a lot of other cities and places worth seeing in Holland. The beauty and history of the country will fill you up with good impressions and will help you relax and have a wonderful rest. So when you get a chance don’t hesitate and visit Holland – the land of adventure.

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