Tourism in Holland for the Dutch

Traditionally Holland is a farming nation which in the past has endured severe hardship. So when it comes to spending money the Dutch generally like to get and expect value, making their hard earned loot stretch as far as it can go.

This is very evident when visiting the Netherlands as generally prices for things which are needed on a day to day basis are cut to the bone.

For instance on the border areas customer numbers at Dutch supermarkets are often unmistakably swollen by Belgian shoppers who venture into Holland to buy their weekly shopping, simply because it’s cheaper in Holland.

The Dutch like to holiday abroad, unafraid to take what would be considered by others quite adventurous holidays at far flung places, often some considerable distance from their own country.

They also love to take national vacations in their own homeland. When it comes to tourism in Holland for the Dutch, Gelderland and Limburg are highly popular destinations.

Maastricht, a city with a separate almost un-Dutchlike atmosphere, is an area much beloved by the Dutch tourist from where they will venture on to visit the hill towns of Valkenburg and Vaals famous for Drielandenpunt which translates to three land point or Tripoint where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Holland converge. With a height of 323 metres above sea level which is just over 1000 feet, it is the highest place in Holland.

Camping is popular with the Dutch, either with a tent, caravan or cabin. The Dutch are renowned for their high expectations when it comes to cleanliness and this is reflected in the Dutch campsites, of which you will be spoiled for choice as there are hundreds in the Netherlands. Center Parcs with their excellent facilities for the whole family are hugely popular and are available throughout the Netherlands.

Hotels also offer really good value for money and again you will be hard pressed to find one which fails to meet your utmost expectations when it comes to comfort and cleanliness.

Holland like many other countries in Europe is very family orienatated. The Dutch like to take their family almost everywhere and you’ll find that children well catered for in Holland, with all sorts of things to keep them occupied. Nearly everywhere you go, there’s a kid’s play area or something to occupy them somewhere. There is often a play area for kids at the local doctor’s surgery.

With all the cycle paths and lanes in Holland, you’ll also notice that the Dutch take their bikes with them on the rear of their car when they go on holiday. It means that they can holiday at a camp site or hotel on the outskirts of town and cycle in safely to have a meal and maybe a drink or two.

Another nice feature if they own or rent a camper van in Holland is the possibility of parking the vehicle easily, often close to the town centre for up to 72 hours at reasonable cost in one of the local authority car parks. Then they can walk or take their bicycle into the centre of town. This makes touring the country simple. Each town and city in Holland now has a website, which makes it easy for them to find information about the facilities offered.